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Expertise in Incentive Negotiations
NAI Global Contact Center/Site Selection Services assists with the preparation of employee and customer location demographics. We are skilled in the preparation of market analyses for labor bases, training and wage information, and can also assist in other areas, such as inducements/incentives designed to encourage relocating.

Typically, users can access some of the following incentives:

Reinvestment/Zone/Tax Abatement
Many counties and the boards of relevant school districts have adopted guidelines for the abatement of real property improvements for qualifying businesses. Abatement on real property improvements could be obtained in a county-designated Enterprise Zone.

Enterprise Zone Project Designation
If the client commits to a major expansion/relocation within an Enterprise Zone, the county could nominate it for designation by the State Department of Commerce as an Enterprise Zone Project. This designation provides additional economic incentives from the state, such as sales tax rebates based upon the number of new permanent jobs created.

Site Preparation
Funds may be provided for site preparation and possibly public improvements, dependent upon the type and nature of the work required. For example, should the client locate on a site that is served by county-owned and county-maintained roads, the county could provide assistance in securing funds and scheduling of improvements required.

Job Training Partnership Funds
Various counties may work with the cities to secure JTPF training programs and targeted job tax credits for its workforce.

Day Care Provider
Some counties may work with the clients to secure a qualified day care provider to operate an onsite day care facility for employees.

Tax Abatements (General)
Various cities and counties may provide tax abatements on a case-by-case basis.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements
NAI Contact Center/Site Selection Services will assist in reviewing, on an individual city and county basis, the minimum threshold eligibility requirements to qualify the tax abatements and the preliminary application steps. The County Commissioner’s Courts of City Councils ultimately will be the final authority on all such requests, and public hearings may be necessary.

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