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AmeriCredit Calls on Power for Successful Contact Centers

When AmeriCredit enlisted Van Power and his team, they were seeking help in finding land in Arlington, Texas, for a build-to-suit. Power, Chief Operating Office of NAI Global Contact Center/Site Selection Services, offered 20 different options from Arlington to Ft. Worth, and his relationships with the mayor and city councils of these cities enhanced his ability to negotiate incentives. As a result, he was able to help AmeriCredit buy land and build-to-suit in Arlington while gaining a substantial amount in financial incentives.

AmeriCredit Calls on Power for Successful Contact CentersAmeriCredit also needed a 150,000-square-foot contact center/service center to be located in the Eastern Time zone. Although AmeriCredit was reluctant to consider Canada, Power proceeded to research 15 cities in Canada and 35 cities in the Eastern U.S. The team evaluated 50+ cities in two countries in just 2½ weeks. Power was also able to leverage his relationships at the state, provincial and municipal levels to organize tours of 10 to 15 cities in three days, thus maximizing AmeriCredit’s time.

Through this extensive search AmeriCredit decided to build two 85,000-square-foot contact centers: one in Peterborough, Ontario, and one in Jacksonville, Florida. Power was able to meet AmeriCredit’s timeline and satisfy their expectations by offering the Canadian alternative that eventually saved them money.

Following the success of those contact centers, AmeriCredit called on the team once again to assist in their expansion in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. They wanted a 150,000-square-foot contact center, but wished to remain in the Phoenix area. With careful consideration, Power researched and evaluated Phoenix and the surrounding cities, and concluded that the best land, as well as entry and exit strategies could be found in Chandler, Arizona. Power identified four developers, and negotiated land options with assignment rights so that AmeriCredit was not bound by a developer with one parcel of land, saving on both land and development costs. His ability to negotiate incentives coupled with the cooperation of the Chandler Economic Development Staff, paved the way for a successful partnership, on time and under budget for AmeriCredit for a third time.

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